Chuffed to hear you’re re-reading 😊 Is anyone else obsessed with the idea of Nina Stibbe being Deborah Moggach’s lodger? I completely am.

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I’ve spent my Sunday morning with these articles. Thank you!

Loved the article about Stibbe, and now her books are on my TBR list.

The stories about wellness and about menopause were funny and not funny. Anything to make a buck.

Saw the Meg Ryan movie this weekend and enjoyed it, but my husband enjoyed it even more than I did.

Are you a morning person, Sam? I am so not but have always been envious of those who are.

The marathoner article was so true. I once did a half marathon, and Sundays were devoted to a long run and Mondays to being tired from Sunday.

Love the “Positive Thinking!” item in the article about bad advice.

Not every winter but maybe every other, I reread A Year in Provence. When winter is getting me down, I can escape to an al fresco dinner party in Provence.

Now I shall accomplish some chores while listening to the Witch podcast.

Thanks, Sam, for a great collection of media!

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Oh, thank you so much for all these wonderful recommendations. It's been so interesting reading articles on Matthew Perry and how his death has affected so many. Also, definitely want to read 'Wintering'. As someone who struggles through the winter months, it would be great to see what shift this book echoes in my life. And, the 'Witch' podcast sounds exactly up my street! :) Happy Sunday!

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The wellness article was interesting. Consumerism takes over everything! That’s why I’m not really a fan of Christmas now. Awaiting this year’s first episode of Beth Kempton’s Calm Christmas to try and get ease the overwhelm.

Love the getting up early one. I love being up early, before things get going.

I’m reading Enchantment at the moment. Wintering is next! 👌🏻

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Have listened to The Shift since it started and don’t think I’ve missed an episode Particularly liked this one.

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